Why? You Should Join 



Whether on Shabbat or During the Holidays our services are permeated with a spirit of

holiness and joy. This spirit is fely by all who attend; even those who have difficulty reading

Hebrew can appreciate the authenticity of the prayers.


You will also enjoy Rabbi Dubrowski's wonderfully inspiring speeches, and enlightining insights

into the prayers. A congregant once remarked "although I can't understand them, it gives me

great feeling to know that for hundreds even thousands of years people have been reciting

these same prayers". 


Beis Tefillah also serves as a place for holiday celebration with Chanukah parties, Purim fun

and Pesach Seders. As well as bi-monthly Shabbat meals filled with food, song, and fun for




We also provide specialized programs just for kids

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah preperation
  • Holiday Workshops
  • Youth Clubs