The Inclusive Synagogue Where Everyone is a Member

Service Schedule:

- Friday Night: 18 minutes before Sunset (Summer at 7:00 pm)
- Torah Class: 9:30 am
- Saturday Morning: 10:00 am (Buffet Kiddush to follow services)
- Saturday Afternoon: 18 minutes before Sunset

Daily Minyan:

Monday - Friday:
- Shachris: 8:30 am
- Mincha / Ma'ariv: B'zman

Sunday, Chol Hamoed, Federal Holidays:
- Shachris: 9:00 am
- Mincha / Ma'ariv: B'zman

For confirmation of service times, please call: 813-205-5324.

We Welcome All:
Regardless of your level of observance or knowledge, everyone is invited to participate in our vibrant community.