Live-It-Live Holiday Workshops

Live-It-Live is about bringing the holidays to life through exciting and engaging hands on workshops. We center upon a specific ritual object and demonstrate step-by-step the process in making it.

Chabad opened this department only one year ago, and already has presented shows to over 2,500 kids! In only one year!

The following are the Workshops presently available,
We are constantly adding new workshops check back to this page for the latest

  • Olive Oil Press (Chanukah)
    The children and their instructor embark on a masterful journey into the origins of olive oil customarily used to light the Menorah. The presentation starts with an olive which is pressed and cleaned untill fit to use in a menorah
  • Matzah Bakery (Passover)
    The original Matzah was baked quite naturally, but today they are baked in specially designed bakeries across the world. The children will start with a stalk of wheat and learn how flour is made, how the Matzah is rolled punctured and baked. Plus all the special requirements to make the Matzah kosher for Passover.  
  • Shofar Factory (Rosh Hashanah)
    A shofar is a very important object used during the High-Holidays. The children learn which horns are good for a Shofar and how they are crafted, older children will even make their own Shofar to keep.

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